The Slowfit Method

Welcome to the next level of human performance coaching. OK folks, so I'm pretty excited about this. Drumroll please.... After literally thousands of sweaty group exercise and personal training sessions with hundreds of athletes, after crazy hours sunk into reading and watching and listening to the best minds in their relative fields, and after experimenting like a madman on myself (OK, and on some of you, too), I've come up with a comprehensive approach to making the most of our time while we're here. I'm calling it the Slowfit Method™--yep, that's a trademark. I'm putting a stake in the ground here, folks, because I really think this method is different. I've sunk a ton of time into developing it, it's all backed by the latest science, and I've seen it work with mine own eyes.

This new Slowfit Method™ (sorry if that ™ is already getting annoying), is a game-changer, I believe, when it comes to maximizing our health and happiness. While I don't think every athlete (that's you) will aspire to follow every aspect of this method, I do think that the Method covers just about everything that has been shown to impact how happy and healthy we are. I'm talking about identifying a mission or purpose in life; developing a proper, positive mindset; better managing stress; learning how to breath properly and cultivating a breath practice; meditating; physical training involving dozens of modalities that are fun, challenging, and directly impacting our physical and mental health; learning about the best recovery strategies; dialing in our nutrition and hydration; taking an honest look at our relationship with alcohol; finally figuring out how to improve our sleep; improving our mobility and how our body moves through space; etc. There's a lot to this.

Taking inspiration from the "Slow Movement," we're slowing things down, being mindful about how and why we are training our brains and bodies. With each Foghorn Fitness newsletter, we've been working our way through a number of key pillars underlying this Method. Important stuff like-- 

How can you experience my Method? If you're interested in folding your sleeves up a bit somewhere along the way as something catches your eye, you can join me in weekly group exercise classes (spin, HIIT, TRX, Bootcamp, and even Shotokan karate). Or you can ask me about personal training sessions. Or we can set up consultations by phone, Zoom or in-person to tackle whatever needs tackling in your life. You don't need to be a Queen of Burpees to work with me, by the way. I can help even without the heart-pounding, sweaty training sessions (though really, you should be doing those sessions, hmm?). 

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