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Welcome to Foghorn Fitness, home of the Slowfit Method™ and a great spot to be if you're looking for personal training, group fitness classes, or a corporate wellness program. Interested in human performance coaching to deliver up a healthier and happier life? I'm here for all of it.

I'm going to tell you all about this Slowfit Method™ of mine, but first, a bit of background, to justify your visit here. Why Foghorn? I could pound my chest about being a second-degree blackbelt, triathlete, open water swimmer, yada yada. But the truth is, I didn't really plan to be a human performance coach, and I certainly didn't intend to launch a business around it. I'm a recovering litigator, a serial sports entrepreneur, a professional marketer, and a writer.  The throughline here is that I have always been on a mission to learn and to teach. That's my purpose in life. I've been a competitive athlete my entire life, that's true. I played baseball on the club team at Duke, and I've competed in Shotokan Karate (returning during the pandemic after a 20-year hiatus), triathlons, cycling, open water swimming, and running events for the past 25 years or so. It turns out that I really enjoy suffering and pushing my perceived physical and mental limits--the hours in the saddle, the pavement pounding, the endless crawling around chilly San Francisco Bay, the daily grind at the gym. In recent years, I morphed from a spin class junkie to a spin class instructor, and things sort of took off from there. 

I became a TRX and Schwinn-certified group exercise instructor, and began teaching 50+ classes a month at private clubs all over the Bay Area. When the pandemic hit a couple years ago, I saw that my little community was struggling, and that people were losing their mojo to stay active. So I continued teaching a handful of Zoom classes through the private clubs. But I recognized that I could do more. So I started this little business--Foghorn Fitness--as a way of helping people to stay active and to live healthier lives during extraordinarily challenging times. I dove in deeply, gorging on the science of leading a healthier life. My education on this front is ongoing, as I've recently become a Movement & Mobility Specialist certified by The Ready State. 

Along the way, I've cultivated a mindful, holistic and evolving approach to training (and living), now all captured under this new human performance notion I'm calling the Slowfit Method™. Slowfit is an entirely new approach to training for a healthier and happier life, synthesizing the best-in-class, science-backed approaches to just about everything: living a mission-driving life, cultivating a proper mindset, building a breath practice, improving mobility (formerly known as "stretching"), developing better nutrition, learning about recovery techniques, enhancing sleep, training like a banshee, evaluating your relationship with alcohol, managing stress, extending one's healthspan, etc., and measuring all of it.  You can dig into a few of the pillars of my Method here: Purpose, Mindset, Breathing, Sleep, Mobility, Exercise, Social Fitness, and Empathy. More to come, and the best way to be in the know is by signing up for my email newsletters. 

Over the past few years, I've trained several hundred people across a few thousand-plus fitness classes and personal training bouts, helping to improve health and happiness wherever I can. I bet I can help you too. So how can you experience my Slowfit Method™ first-hand? Well, I lead about thirty group fitness classes and personal training sessions each week (virtual and in-person), and dole out plenty of (mostly welcomed) advice about healthy habits along the way.  Have a look at the rest of my website, and shoot me any questions at 


Weekly Schedule

I teach about thirty classes each week: TRX, HIIT and Spin formats, and Shotokan karate, too.  All levels welcome, and my training sessions can be scaled up and down for beginners and elite-level athletes alike.  Some classes are offered through the YMCA, some through other private clubs--these require memberships. I also offer my own Foghorn Fitness classes that are open to everyone (no memberships required). My current weekly calendar is below, so scroll down.

I regularly post outtakes from my classes--and a bunch of info regarding diet, breath practice, meditation, mobility, etc.--on my Instagram feed. And I write a regular Foghorn Fitness email newsletter, that you can check out here.  I hope you'll subscribe to the email blast (you can do that at the bottom of this website, assuming you somehow escaped that intrusive pop-up).

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12pm PT 
Foghorn Fitness Zoom TRX Class 

Open to All ($25 fee via Venmo)
Zoom ID is here
Note: live, and previous session recordings available on-demand (just ask me)

7:15pm PT
Shotokan Karate (Presidio YMCA Branch)

Info on Community Portal here

7:30am PT
YMCA Bootcamp (Presidio Branch)

YMCA Members: Register through Community Portal here

6pm PT
YMCA Spin Class (Presidio Branch)

YMCA Members: Register through Community Portal here

7:15pm PT
Shotokan Karate (Presidio YMCA Branch)

Info on Community Portal here

12pm PT
Foghorn Fitness Zoom HIIT Class

Open to All ($25 fee via Venmo) Zoom ID is here
Note: live, and previous session recordings available on-demand (just ask me)

Personal Training. Here's the best way to really learn about the Slowfit Method™--Foghorn Fitness Personal Training sessions. It's not just about turning yourself inside out during sweaty training sessions. Any trainer can do that to you. For me, the most rewarding aspect of this whole thing is showing people how to lead healthier lives. So Foghorn Fitness' Personal Training emphasizes a super holistic approach: breath work, meditation, sleep hygiene, mobility, posture, diet & hydration, recovery, home gym-building, workout programming, and even a deep dive into performance via integrating cutting edge fitness tracking with a discounted Whoop strap. Curious? Ping me here and we'll talk.   

Group Fitness Zoom Classes

At present, I'm offering two Foghorn Fitness classes: TRX on Mondays at 12p PT and HIIT on Fridays at 12p PT.  I teach these classes virtually, via Zoom, and the action goes down in my backyard (weather permitting). If we're lucky, the Golden Gate Bridge's foghorn might even blow during class (hence my little company's name, get it?).  At the appointed hour, all you've gotta do is click on that little red button below to join any of these three classes. Shoot me $25 on Venmo when you get a chance. 


Foghorn in The Nob Hill Gazette!

The Nob Hill Gazette recently published a piece on changing fitness habits during the pandemic, featuring a nice bit about Foghorn Fitness (thank you, TNHG). Check out the article here

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